Teaching Experience

Independent Instructor

-University of Kentucky: ECO 391 Business and Economics Statistics (Spring 2019)

-University of Kentucky: AEC 351 Introduction to Analysis with Business Software (Spring 2019)

Teaching Assistant

-University of Wisconsin-Madision: AAE 373 Globalization, Development and Poverty (For Prof. Thomas Rutherford, Fall 2021)

-University of Kentucky: AEC 445G Introduction to Resource and Environmental Economics (For Dr. Jack Schieffer Fall 2018)

Teaching Philosophy

“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I understand.” – Xunzi

The quoted teaching idea was created by a Chinese Confucian, but it was in the U.S. that I understood this old proverb, which enlightened my teaching philosophy: to involve my students into the learning environment, where students are attracted, connected, supported, and guided. My teaching philosophy is further explained with four stories: 1) Kitchen Sink, 2) Horse Racing, 3) Tree Planting and 4) Mushroom Hunting. Click here for the stories.